Cica cigarette bin

Design Niccolò Barea

Rectangular section cigarette bin made of 200x100x3 mm hot-galvanized steel tube  (according to relative UNI standard), polyester powder coated, 907 mm in height with 300×200 mm base plate and upper 230 mm-high electro-polished stainless steel tube upper terminal. The upper part has a slot that enables you, through a perforated plate, to put out and introduce cigarettes in the lower part. Inside this there is a circular container that can be extracted through a special front panel with a triangular key lock. The connection of the two types of tube is mechanical with the characteristic of having invisible screws. It is fixed to the ground with special steel wall plugs (not included). All screws are stainless steel.


300x200mm base, 200×100 structure, H = 1137mm

– Weight: 20 kg ca.

– Capacity: approx. 5 lt

– Fixings: pre-drilled for anchors

– Accessories: —

– Position: outdoor / indoor

Sizes and Configurations

Finishings and materials

Sizes and Configurations
Finishings and materials

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Cica cigarette bin

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